Primary Section

Our Curriculum

Our 50/50 bilingual program concentrates on providing a strong structured lingual base that enables the child to acquire both Arabic and English language skills along with practicing problem solving and thinking skills through our international math and science curricula. We use the Jordanian MOE curricula for Arabic, Islamic Religion and Social Studies, and My Math (McGraw-Hill). Our English, Math, and Science program is standardized according to CIPP program from Cambridge University, a special international primary program which concentrates on basic learning skills such as critical, analytical thinking and problem solving. Our Islamic vision is implemented in this stage through applying extracurricular programs along with the Moe curriculum. We encourage our students to practice reading and acquire it as a lifelong habit through applying our yearly extra reading program in which a special weekly session is devoted to discuss extra reading material in Arabic and English. Physical education is also considered one of the cornerstones in the program in which we apply a special PE curriculum concentrating on healthy living habits and team spirit with special concentration on swimming. Art is another addition to this well planned blend of learning tools, in which the student is encouraged to enlighten his spirit and develop his artistic abilities through enjoyable activities.


Our Facilities

In order to reach our educational goals, we realize the importance of providing a well-designed space and technology equipped facilities. Our buildings have separated sections, a boys section and a girls section. Both sections are well equipped with up to date teaching tools. Each classroom is designed to cater for no more than 25 students. Our labs, libraries and clinic are all designed to meet International standards and criteria.


Our Activities

The aim of the extra-curricular activities is to give the children the opportunity to develop their personalities by participating and acquiring some proficiency in activities which are outside the normal classroom setting. Enjoyment is the most important objective in the organization of these activities. It is vital that the children enjoy what they are doing, that they participate to the best of their ability. We have after school clubs which include (swimming, horseback riding, fashion design, cooking and martial arts.) Camping and scouts activities are another example of our extracurricular activities that help build self-confidence and independence.


Our Environment

We aim to raise the proper educational structures for an outstanding generation that can excel both academically and personally, through creating a physical and psychological safe environment, where the student feels loved, appreciated and properly motivated to accomplish and excel and where Islam is practiced at a daily basis through commitment to its rituals and values. 




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