Our Philosophy

Learning through play

We realize the importance of early childhood development and the consequences that it has over lifelong performance, this is the reason why we devoted extra care to such a sensitive stage. Bunatalghad KG section offers a holistic approach to childhood education where extra concentration is given to the development of English, Arabic and social skills ,in order to guarantee a fresh and strong stepping stone for the child to begin his academic life. Beside that we make sure that the child is taken care of psychologically and physically in our safe interactive environment. A special care is also applied to teaching Quran and Islamic values to assure that the child acquires the proper Islamic morals and habits


KG Section

Our KG section includes of Pre-K- KG2 classrooms that are furnished and equipped according to the highest standards .It contains an outer play area and another an indoor activities area. Arts and computer rooms are carefully designed to develop the vivid imagination and creativity of our young students. The whole building consists of nine classrooms each designed to serve no more than 20 students.


Our Curricula

The outstanding bilingual program which is considered one of the basic educational tools that ensures lifelong success. We concentrate through this program on laying very strong structures of Arabic and English languages. The program is implemented through professional home room teachers. We concentrate on integration between all subjects and the whole curricula is introduced through play and the corners educational system.


Our Activities

Activities are another educational tool that we use professionally to reach our goals, many field trips are made each semester to help the young child relate to what he/she has learned in the classroom, and other activities are also held for fun and entertainment. The parents are frequently invited to attend our entertaining and beneficial events. After school clubs are another added value that enable the child to extend his/her learning even more, these clubs however are optional and not related to the curriculum. 




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