News and Events

Readathon BAA 05/01/2019
  Primary Section English & Arabic Departments We would like to announce our annual BAA Readathon from Saturday January 5th till Saturday February 9th. يعلن قسم المرحلة الأساسية عن ان
Science Fair / Grade 4 26/12/2018
  Our beloved 4th graders presented different projects that showed how talented they are .. We hope to see them great scientists.
External Exam Timetable January 2019 final 18/12/2018
  January 2019 Examination Session Rosary Venue - Marj Al Hamam - Timetable  
KG1 Play (TOO MANY BOOKS) 04/12/2018
    " We enjoyed reading books and learning new things at the OH-NO Big House."      TOO MANY BOOKS was the play performed by KG1 students this year.
Dental Care Day 28/11/2018
  Dental Care Day .. Grades 2 & 3 BAA Dental Care Day was designed to show our 2nd & 3rd graders the importance of healthy eating, drinking and how a regular teeth cleaning routine is
The First Exhibition of Robot Science and Technology 21/11/2018
  Bunat Alghad Academy wins third place.. Our students, Hala Barakat and Layan Aljunaidi, participated in the Jordanian robot exhibition held by Talal Abu-Ghazaleh Group under the supervisi
Chess Club 20/11/2018
   Chess provides the opportunity to teach students how to think their way through solving complex problems, and it is a terrific way to introduce STEM, STEAM, and Common Core criteria.
Book Fair 13/11/2018
  Story Week .. Grades 1-4 Reading is the most important skill you can teach a child. Of all the skills children learn, it is the one you can influence the most. Giving kids access to good bo
Space Tent 12/11/2018
  Because our primary students are eager to learn about space, the school shared an indoor space tent to give them the opportunity to come face to face with one of the most stunning space exh
A LEVEL & IGCSE students achievements 2018 19/09/2018
  Bunat Alghad Academy  is proud to  congratulate its A LEVEL & IGCSE students for their  outstanding achievements in 2018.
O LEVEL Students Achievements 2018 06/09/2018
  Bunat Alghad Academy  is proud to  congratulate its O LEVEL students for their  outstanding achievements in 2018.    
Tawjihi students achievement 2018 13/08/2018
  Bunat Alghad Academy proudly congratulate our students and their parents for the outstanding results in the General secondary examination (tawjihi), the scientific stream. 
Graduation Ceremony 2018. 26/07/2018
  Class of 2018 You have within you the STRENGTH, the PATIENCE, and the PASSION to reach  for the STARS and change the WORLD! CONGRATULATIONS!
Science Fair 05/05/2018
  Our beloved students from grades 4-8 displayed excellent presentation skills and came up with amazing experiments during their Science Fair .
External Exam Timetable May / June 2018 final 29/04/2018
    Al Mayar Venue External Exam Timetable May / June 2018 final with clash  
Art Exhibition 28/04/2018
   "Art is something that makes you breath with a different kind of happiness" ~ Anni Albert
Arab Robotics Open Championship 28/03/2018
  Congratulations to team Capella from Bunat Alghad Academy,  for winning the Award of Professionalism in work /first place on the Arab level, in the 11th  Arab Robotics Open Cham
Innovation 800 12/12/2017
  Bunat Alghad academy is featured as a successful school model among three schools from the middle east in (Innovation 800) , the year book of Cambridge university published by Cambridge stu
BAA Quilt of Love Campaign 22/10/2017
    BAA Quilt of Love Campaign .. Grades 1-9
First Day of Grades 2,3,4 13/09/2017
   We wish you a wonderful & Fruitful year          WELCOME BACK TO BAA!
First Day of 1st Grade 13/09/2017
     Class of 2029 .. Eleven Years to Go!   We wish you a very bright future our beloved first graders.  
The Secondary Education Results (2016-2017) 20/08/2017
    We are so proud of you and wish you all a bright future...   The secondary education results  (2016-2017) 
Graduation of the fourth group of students 26/07/2017
  Bunat alghad Academy Schools.. Graduation of the fourth group of students ... Graduation of the fourth group of students in grade twelve Congratulations to graduates. We wish you a future
Business Fair 02/06/2017
      Third Annual Business Fair
KG2 Graduation 2017 24/05/2017
    Part of the Graduation Ceremony of the ninth group of kindergarten students in Bunatalghad Academy.
Science Fair 22/05/2017
    Science Fair Grade( 5 - 6) National & International .
Art Exhibition 2017 07/05/2017
    ART is something that makes you breathe with a different kind of happiness.   Art Exhibition 2017 .. Grades 1-10
ELO Awards 01/05/2017
The exhibition of scientific miracles in the Holy Quran 23/04/2017
  The exhibition of scientific miracles in the Holy Quran .. The students presented some verses of the Holy Quran and clarified the scientific miracles they contain.
KG's 8th Annual Art Exhibition 20/04/2017
   KG's 8th Annual Art Exhibition
Exam Venue For May/June 2017 05/04/2017
   Dear Students, Please note that our exam venue will be Almaharat school. 
May/June 2017 Final Timetable 04/04/2017
  Please Find Attached May/June 2017 Timetable
Congratulations to Bunat alghad Girls’ basketball team 23/03/2017
  Congratulations to Bunat alghad Girls’ basketball team for winning  first place in the basketball tournament which included many private schools. 
The Anniversary of the Battle of Karameh. 23/03/2017
  The Kindergarten students in Bunat Alghad Academy celebrated the anniversary of  the Battle of Karameh.   
Congratulations to Bunat alghad Robotics team 23/03/2017
  Congratulations to Bunat alghad Robotics team for winning first place (programming) in the 10th  Arab Open Robotics Championship which was held in Qatar/ 2017
Craft With Parents 23/03/2017
  Craft With Parents ..    Dear Third Graders Parents.. Thank you for a wonderful day we spent together
Community Service activities 08/03/2017
  Community Service activities carried out by the students in Bunatalghad Academy:   1.  The girls in grade five planted trees in one of the parks in Alkamaleyyah. 2.  Th
SPELLING BEE 05/03/2017
    BAA Primary School would like to invite you to the annual SPELLING BEE .. Grade 1-4 
Dental Health Week 05/03/2017
 BAA Students Dental Health Week ... March 6th - 9th ,2017 In this week .. we at the primary section will help our students develop positive habits that will last a lifetime by celebrating
Scouts 02/03/2017
    * Boy Scouts marched into the depth of the Scandinavian Forest, using a compass and code signals.    * Girl Guides in Bunatalghad Academy went on a discovery walk to the
The National Robotics Competition 27/02/2017
  Congratulations to Bunatalghad Academy team for winning in the national robotics competition in the field of programming, which made them among the qualified teams to travel to Qatar. . Exc
Puppet Show 22/02/2017
  Book Festival .. Week No.2 . Puppet Show Grade (1-3) with the storyteller Faisal Alazzah & Doha Khasawneh
Book Fair 20/02/2017
  Book Festival .. Week No.1 Our readers from grade 1 & 2 had the chance to get wonderful books this week at our primary Book Fair!   '' The more you read, the more thi
Math WOW card 11/01/2017
       WOW In our ongoing effort to encourage our students to improve their mathematical skills,we start the "WOW cards"award system for math.For the first 10
Winter Break 11/01/2017
        Winter Break
We Care .. We are Responsible 02/01/2017
  We Care .. We are Responsible Each kid were given a money pot (Hasaleh) and asked to decorate it based on their imagination and creativity with regards to their task. then each one left w
Twin or Triplet Day \ Girls Section 26/12/2016
   Twin or Triplet Day
Life Skills / Primary Section. 26/12/2016
    We believe that children are the best change agents at both home and the community. At the primary section we designed the second poster ( Toilet Manners ) and checklist for our
Traditional clothes & Henna Day 21/12/2016
  Traditional clothes & Henna Day
Crazy Hats Day 21/12/2016
  Crazy Hats Day
Bullying Prevention 05/12/2016
Playgroup (Bunnies) sharing a joyful time with parents 04/12/2016
  Playgroup (Bunnies) sharing a joyful time with parents.
Istesqaa Prayer 17/11/2016
Bunat Al-Ghad Students and Stuff Istesqaa Prayer .
Sports Day 13/11/2016
 Sports day Grade 5,6 boys           * Sport is health           * Sport is education           * Sport is life
The Olive Season 13/11/2016
   The Olive Season 
Jordan Gaming Summit 2016 13/11/2016
  Participate  students in  Jordan Gaming Summit 2016
Announcement 30/10/2016
Lecture about Information Technology Management 20/10/2016
  Lecture about Information Technology Management at Home
Announcement 19/10/2016
Morning Routine 19/10/2016
  Life Skills ( Morning Routine ) Grades 1
TEACHERS DAY 05/10/2016
   Teachers plant the seeds of knowledge that grow forever.   HAPPY TEACHERS DAY our BELOVED Teachers
Islamic New Year 02/10/2016
    Islamic New Year
First Day of School Fun at BAA - KG 22/09/2016
First Day of School Fun at BAA - KG
Open House 2016 22/09/2016
  Our Primary School hosted an Open House for parents and their children that included a presentation of our after school activities for this year, face painting and entertainment. Parents ha
Welcome to Our Open House 30/08/2016
  Welcome to Our Open House
Outstanding Achievement In A-Levels and IGCSE 30/08/2016
  Outstanding Achievement In A-Levels and IGCSE 
Orientation Day For A-Level Students 20/08/2016
  Orientation Day For A-Level Students
Important Announcement 10/08/2016
Summer Camp Activities 03/08/2016
  Summer Camp Activities
The Results Of The General Secondary School 2016 25/07/2016
  The Results Of The General Secondary School  2016
The First Tawjihi Semester Beginning 24/07/2016
  The First Tawjihi Semester Beginning
Summer Camp 05/06/2016
  Summer Camp 
Graduation Ceremony 2016 04/06/2016
Graduation Ceremony 2016  Jafra News
KG Graduation Ceremony 04/06/2016
KG graduation ceremony
Graduation Ceremony Of The Third Batch Of BAA Students 26/05/2016
Graduation Ceremony Of The Third Batch Of BAA Students   Bunat Alghad Academy is pleased to invite you to the graduation ceremony of the third batch of  BAA students. On May 28th,201
Scouts Graduation Ceremony 22/05/2016
  Scouts Graduation Ceremony
Awarding International Students Girls 22/05/2016
      Awarding International Students Girls:  Reading Race  Academic Excellence  Basketball Tournament Winners 
Awarding National Students Girls 22/05/2016
  Awarding National Students Girls.
Multiplication Festival 22/05/2016
  Multiplication Festival   
Science Fair 18/05/2016
  Science Fair
A Rehabilitation of a public library in Samo Village 15/05/2016
  BAA launched " Let's Read" competition in Rabyet Alkora in corporation with the Municipality of that place.   This competition comes along with the events of Bunat Al
Art Exhibition 26/04/2016
   7th Annual Art Exhibition
Fun for orphans at Bunat Alghad 12/04/2016
On the first week of April every year, orphans day is celebrated.  On this occasion, the Academy students held an open day for Sweileh Orphanage. During this day, the orphans had much fun with
GEE School Visit 26/03/2016
  Believing in the significance of international educational exchange, the Academy is hosting a group of students from The Global Educational Excellence School in Michigan, United States of A
Scholar's Cup Amman 06/03/2016
    The Baa team has won the first rank position in the Scholar’s Cup competition \ Scholars Bowl seniors that had participants from many private schools such as (IAA)
Tkiyet Um Ali 02/03/2016
  .On Sunday, Feb 29t, the 10th graders visited Tkiyet Um Ali in Alkastal .The girls helped in packaging the monthly food charity parcles    Always proud of you Thanks for your
Story Week 01/03/2016
  Story Week Grade 1 , 2
Trip To Suheil's Horse Club 01/03/2016
   trip to Suheil's Horse Club For Grade  5,6 
Wadi Rum Trip 01/03/2016
Wadi Rum Trip For Grades 11,12  International Girls .
Grades (1-4) First day of the 2nd Semester 09/02/2016
  Grades (1-4) First day of the 2nd Semester
BAA 2016 Umra 02/02/2016
" They are youths who believe in God"  was the title of Bunat Alghad 2016 Umra  During their stay in the holy land, our students practiced all the Islamic rituals such as praying T
Winter Break 04/01/2016
Students wish you a great winter break .. Classes resume on February 7th.
Who is leading the way, me or him? 01/12/2015
  Who is leading the way, me or him? Is the title of the training workshop that was conducted by the social and psychological consultant, Dr. Reem  Awdi The workshop discussed the
Business Trip 16/11/2015
  Aligning with the Business department experiential learning policy, a field trip has been organized for grade ten business and economics students to McDonalds fast food restaurant. The
Field Day 10/11/2015
  It was a day full of energy and fun! Sports Day was a day to remember.. with lots of games, competitions and high spirit! A big thank you to all the parents for joining us and making the
Honoring The Pilgrims 05/11/2015
  The Academy held an honoring ceremony for the parents who performed the Hajj. In this ceremony, the pilgrims were given trophies by the deputy Haitham Alhaj.
The Guidance and Misguidance of Advertisement 05/11/2015
  In an interactive atmosphere, Dr. Ahmad Alzoughbi  gave the 9th and 10th graders a lecture entitled "  The guidance and misguidance of advertisement" Through his lectu
Best Picture Contest 31/10/2015
    Best Picture Contest
Tkiyet Um Ali 28/10/2015
  Tkiyet Um Ali
Reading Stories 27/10/2015
    A special THANK YOU to our talented, storytelling parents for stopping this morning to read them a story.
Eid Activity 22/09/2015
  Eid Activity
Visiting The Police of North Amman. 22/09/2015
  As a recognition from Bunat Al Ghad Academy to the tremendous efforts undertaken by the “Nachama of Jordan" to their homeland. The academy students provided a simple greeting to
Orphans Visit to BAA 21/09/2015
  The smile on the face of an orphan child is un beatable .. An amazing group of our students organized an entertaining event for a group of children from Al Baqaa orphanage. The event incl
Open House 01/09/2015
Open House  Welcome Back Everyone